Exhibition program 2021


We – the Kunsthalle Wien and its directors, WHW / What, How & for Whom – continue to make it our mission to facilitate meaningful ways of coming together, even under the current difficult circumstances, and to place the works of artists and their perspectives at the core of this encounter.

We are very glad to be able to prolong our current exhibitions – Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2020 (until 28/3), Želimir Žilnik. Shadow Citizens (until 18/4) and Cybernetics of the Poor (until 25/4) – into the spring and make them accessible to all thanks to our “Pay what you can” approach.

We had to postpone many of our exhibition projects planned for 2020, including the show And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? (15/5–26/9 2021) curated by Miguel A. López and produced in collaboration with Wiener Festwochen or the solo presentations by Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* and Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński (22/10 2021–6/3 2022). The fact that we have rescheduled these exhibitions for 2021 and not canceled them is a signal to our audience: Kunsthalle Wien’s commitment to all artists and cultural workers involved in its programs remains unchanged.

The collaboration with local artists is a focus maintained – Ines Doujak (1/10 2021–16/1 2022) will present an extensive solo exhibition in addition to the shows already mentioned. The KISS project is likewise continued: we support a new issue of Crip Magazine to be produced by the artist Eva Egermann, for example.

Pursuing a cross-border, international artistic dialogue will remain at the heart of the exhibition activities at Kunsthalle Wien as demonstrated by the solo exhibitions of Averklub Collective (2/6–5/9 2021) and Ho Rui An (17/7–10/10 2021), as well as the group show Do Nothing. Feel Everything. (5/11 2021–20/2 2022) curated by Laura Amann and Aziza Harmel.

2020 has clearly confirmed the significant role of educational programs, especially when they shape our understanding of the historical dimension of what we currently experience. The program for 2021 again comprises a variety of formats to accompany the exhibitions, as well as the fourth edition of our popular hands-on show Space for Kids (10/6 – 27/6 2021).

Look forward with us to a year full of exciting exhibitions!