Build your own Dream Transporter!

Kids workshop

At Kunsthalle Wien it’s all about a good life together! The exhibition … of bread, wine, cars, security and peace collects the wishes, dreams, and ideas for a “good life” from 35 artists. Each of us has a certain imagination of living together, and we dream of different things. A few days ago we were dreaming of totally other things than now, when we have to spend so much time at home.

What are your dreams and wishes and how can you transport them out into the world?

Learn how you can make a dream transporter with simple materials in these short videos!

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What you need:

• a ball of wool, string, or packaging tape
• scissors
• wire and pliers
• elastic bands
• a vegetable or fruit net bag
• little toys, figurines, shells, beads, feathers, buttons, saucer eyes, screws, dowels… anything you find interesting that is lying around at home
• small twigs, straws, or chopsticks

Let’s begin:

First, bind the twigs or straws together with a string or the elastic bands.

Then you can cut the net bag and attach it with wire or string.

Cut 3 or 4 pieces of string and thread them through your figurines, shells, objects, or attach them to the string, whatever works best. It’s a good idea if you make a big knot at the end of the strings.

Then connect the strings to your dream transporter.

Tie a long piece of string to the upper part of the dream transporter so that you can hang it up wherever you like.

And now you are ready to transport dreams! What do you wish to your best friend? What kind of world do you dream of?

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