It’s your Mo(nu)ment!

Kids workshop

In this workshop, you will find out how to create a monument using simple materials – such as cardboard boxes, adhesive foil, wire, and plasticine.

The idea for this originated from the hands-on exhibition Space for Kids. It’s Your Mo(nu)ment! at Kunsthalle Wien. In this exhibition, we reflected on who has been honored with a monument in the past and who has been forgotten so far.

Which moments in history do we want or should we remember together? Which people, groups, objects or animals do you think deserve a monument and why?

In this video, you can learn how to build a small monument.

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You will need

• small cardboard boxes, e.g. cookie, tea or medicine boxes
• adhesive foil, e.g. in stone or wood design or paints, e.g. acrylic or watercolor, and brushes
• glue
• colored paper
• a pair of scissors
• (electrician’s) wire
• a wire cutter
• plasticine

This is how it works

Look for empty cardboard boxes and try out which cardboard box would make a good pedestal for your monument.

Next, place your cardboard box on the back of an adhesive sheet of foil and trace one side face on the foil with a pencil. Repeat this three more times so that you get four equal areas. Also trace the top of the pedestal and cut out all your pieces. Glue them on the sides of your cardboard box, until it is completely covered with foil. (If you don’t have adhesive foil at home, you can also paint your base with acrylic paint or water colors.)

Now use the plasticine to create a figure, an animal or an object that you want to place on top of your pedestal. To support the arms, legs, wings, etc. of your figure, cut small pieces of wire with the wire cutter and stick them into the plasticine. This will give your monument more stability.

What is the name of your monument and for whom or what did you build it? Write down its name and story on a piece of paper, cut it out and stick it on the base of your monument.

We can’t wait to see the monuments you create! Send us a photo or maybe also the story of your memorial at or

… post your memorial on Instagram #SpaceforKids #DenkdirMal @kunsthallewien