Behind the Scenes Extended


Kunsthalle Wien is pleased to be cooperating with JobTransfair for several months and invites its clients to get to know Kunsthalle Wien in a special way. With a behind-the-scenes tour, the diverse departments, professions and activities of Kunsthalle Wien are presented and made tangible with an insight into the workshops and offices. Each tour is combined with a practical workshop that allows participants to work creatively and express their own ideas using various techniques.

In spring 2024, a monotype and an indigo dyeing workshop took place with the fashion label Altınstark. In the next workshop, we will explore the exhibition space in a performative way with a dance workshop led by Carola Fuchs. By participating in behind-the-scenes tours, we want to give an exciting insight into the different aspects of a cultural institution. Our aim is to highlight and strengthen the unique skills of the participants and offer an inclusive engagement with art on an equal footing.

KulturTransfair is a project of Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur and was launched in 2011. As a socio-cultural bridge-builder, KulturTransfair encourages cultural exchange between cultural institutions and social institutions.

Behind the Scenes Extended is a project by Kunsthalle Wien and Job-Transfair step2job in cooperation with Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur as part of Kultur-Transfair XIV, a project track made possible by Erste Bank‘s Vermehrt-Schönes sponsorship program.