Bunker 16 – Contemporary Memorial Art


A venue for contemporary memorial culture

The artist-in-residence program of the Initiative Bunker 16 – Contemporary Memorial Art is a cooperation between Kunsthalle Wien and Brunnenpassage.

Beneath the Yppenplatz, on Vienna’s Brunnenmarkt, a 500 m2 protective bunker from World War II lies hidden. Brunnenpassage plans to make this historic site accessible to the public: a memorial art space is to be created here, which will appeal to the diversity of Vienna’s population with a multi-perspective approach. At Bunker 16 – Contemporary Memorial Art, new space is to be given to the knowledge and experiences of people who experienced war at different times and in different places, through formats that are artistic and discursive as well as biographical and documentary.

A place of silence, of personal remembrance, of participation, of listening, mourning, and creating hope. A place to linger, to focus, to collectively overcome trauma. An art space for immersing oneself and leaving everyday life behind. For peace. The bunker should remain as pure as possible. A historical place that at the same time meets all the requirements of a contemporary gallery space for up to 30 visitors.

In a first project phase in 2022, several art residencies will take place, as well as a comprehensive historical survey including interviews with contemporary witnesses. At the same time, the structural adaptation and the establishment of ongoing cultural activities will be advanced.

We are grateful for the project funding 2022 by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport within the program Perspectives Innovation Art.