Kunsthalle Wien has an impressive and multilayered educational program. The educational department works in close collaboration with many exhibiting artists, allowing them to think together about which formats and subjects can resonate best with different local audiences. Lectures, workshops and conferences connected to the exhibitions and a rich program of public events focus on the processes and impacts of artistic work, as well as activities targeted on closed groups, stressing the need for the institution to function also as a research space.

The Kunsthalle Wien art education team is: Wolfgang Brunner, Carola Fuchs, Andrea Hubin, Michaela Schmidlechner, Michael Simku, Martin Walkner.


Current Program


Kunsthalle Wien Podcast

The Kunsthalle Wien Podcast offers you an illuminating excursion into our current exhibitions by going above and beyond the opening hours of the space with more background information and reflections on artworks, particular curatorial aspects, as well as sharing some funny anecdotes. In discussions with artists, curators and visitors, you’ll hear interesting stories and get an insight into the concept of the exhibition in focus – so tune in and listen!



Katrina Daschner – BURN & GLOOM! GLOW & MOON! Podcast
Anna Spanlang – Handspells Podcast
Cho Beom-Seok: Prägung [Imprint]
Ines Doujak. Geistervölker
The Golden Pixel Cooperative – Space for Kids Podcast
The Golden Pixel Cooperative – Space for Kids Podcast

Workshops for Kids & Families

We regularly offer workshops for children and teenagers that encourage participants to let their imagination and creativity run wild. The workshops provide insights into the exhibitions and the artists’ creative processes, and support children in acquiring practical skills and techniques.

With our online kids’ workshops we continue to provide ideas for DIY projects at home.


Kids' Workshops



For Kunsthalle Wien it is fundamental to introduce contemporary art to all those who are interested or to those who could potentially gain valuable experience from it – even if they have had little contact with art so far. We realise projects focusing on the cooperation of young people with and without migration experience and artists. The aim of these projects is to break down barriers, to explore the potential of contemporary art and to stimulate a mutual creative and intellectual exchange.

Young people, artists and art educators deal with topics that they also deal with in their everyday lives and connect these issues to artistic media and strategies. Above all young people are encouraged to express a critical approach that gives them self-confidence through their own (artistic) creativity.

In co-operation with cultural institutions, schools, teachers, artists and curators, the education team of the Kunsthalle Wien develops a variety of projects and activities – in relation to the current exhibitions as well as events independent from them.


Online tours