Call for Players


Kunsthalle Wien is looking for people interested in taking part in a writing role-playing game on the topic of post-work society. The game After Work was created by the artist Ana de Almeida and will be realized in the framework of the education project What to do after work?. Each player engages in a unique writing experiment and develops their own science fiction narrative or future scenario for a collaborative online publication.

Programmed by Ana de Almeida, ELIZZA 2.0 is a new generation AI chatbot that uses an algorithm to generate scenario details upon the personal input of each player-writer. Additionally, ELIZZA 2.0 recurs to high processing power and preys upon a wide database of pre-existing fictional and scholarly work on post-work scenarios to provide each player-writer with custom-made, research based, meaningful as well as tasteful writing hints.

Part psychoanalyst, part writing coach, part your fully-automated friend, ELIZZA 2.0 uses pattern matching and substitution methodology to simulate a conversation and is the best tool to assist you with your first-person speculative fiction writing.

Schedule: The After Work script for ELIZZA 2.0 will run twice online for a limited number of players. The first slot will take place between March 13 and 17, the second slot between March 20 and 24. On these days, the chat bot will run from 9 am to 10 pm.

Each player will interact with ELIZZA 2.0 for one full hour every day for five consecutive days.

Additionally, all players-writers are taking part in a writing workshop at Kunsthalle Wien on April 15 from 11 am to 4 pm.

Required equipment: computer with internet connection, keyboard, headphones, and the Signal free chat app

Language: To play After Work and interact with ELIZZA 2.0 you will have to be able to express yourself in writing in German or English.

Registration: If you are interested, please register at Please also provide us your phone number and your preferred time slot. Your contact information is for internal use and game processing only, it will not be disclosed to third parties.