Chto Delat: nezhnost / tenderness


Chto Delat is part of our project And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? A Prologue in Public Space. For a more in depth insight in their artistic practice and influences, the Russian collective sent us a beautiful and poetic video performance, which they recorded in May 2020. The film reflects on their work as a collective, the importance of asking questions and how this form of practice has accompanied their work over the years.

Until the end of July 2020 the work Eine Feder by Chto Delat will be mounted as posters everywhere throughout the city of Vienna. It draws on the aesthetics of Soviet anti-nuclear war posters from the 1970s, which mixed cut-out images to create threatening scenarios of environmental devastation. Also within this work they ask the question – “What will happen if one feather falls from its body?,” which is a playful revision of the exhibition’s title, inviting us to see the origins of the coronavirus pandemic in terms of the black swan theory—which describes unpredictable and unexpected events that can trigger severe consequences.