DIK Fagazine #14


DIK Fagazine is the first arts publication from Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on homosexuality and masculinity. Founded in 2005 by artist Karol Radziszewski, the magazine combines queer archival research with contemporary art contributions.

Issue 14 focuses on the city of Vienna throughout the past 150 years, and its specific geography as a gate between East and West. While previous issues have often been monographs dedicated to particular countries like Ukraine, Romania or Belarus, this issue brings together queer histories and figures from several countries including Austria, Hungary, Albania, Poland, and Serbia.

The journal is based in Poland, published in English and distributed worldwide.

2023, co-produced by Kunsthalle Wien

Editor-in-chief: Karol Radziszewski
Guest Editor: Fanny Hauser
Design: Martin Falck
Proofreading: Nancy Chapple
Photo Editor: Krzysiek Krzysztofiak

In cooperation with Queer Archives Institute

Price: € 22

Shipping costs:
Austria: € 4
EU und Switzerland: € 9
World: € 15

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