Edition Heinz Frank. The Angle of the End Always Comes from Behind


Der Winkel des Endes kommt immer von hinten [The Angle of the End Always Comes from Behind] was the title of his last major exhibition in Vienna. Instead of a catalogue, Heinz Frank (1939–2020) conceived this artist’s edition in conjunction with the show, which is now regrettably released posthumously. As a kind of self-historicizing refrain and reflection on the duration, insistency, and cohesiveness of his own œuvre and its themes, the edition contains Frank’s artist’s book nicht eigen, which came out in 1994. With texts hiding in the book’s jacket, this publication is the distinctive object of a reflection on the conventions of exhibition-making—by one of the most multifaceted and unconventional figures in the Vienna art world of the past several decades.

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