Erotic Revue


In their first collaborative project, Šejla Kamerić and Aleksandra Vajd revisit the idea of eroticism within a contemporary context by presenting a special issue of a magazine, “Erotic Revue”. The main inspiration and reference for the publication is the magazine “Eroticka Revue”, which was published in Prague in the early 1930s by a Surrealist group. Both artists are particularly interested in using art as a strong communicative mechanism to create powerful political and social statements.

“Erotic Revue” presents two women’s bodies and their intimate bond that goes beyond the usual confines of predefined relationship forms and statuses. The artists challenge norms by asking what happens when the components of relationships – such as emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, sexual intimacy, enduring partnerships, caregiving, collaboration, kinks, social companionship, and the dynamics of power – are mixed. They explore the space of digital intimacy in the context of the erotic, contrast the digital nude with the traditional nude, and create a strong visual language that uses their own mature bodies to rewrite women’s stories.

The magazine was presented as an installation in the exhibition Darker, Lighter, Puffy, Flat.

2024, published by Stadt Wien Kunst GmbH / Kunsthalle Wien

Editors: Šejla Kamerić and Aleksandra Vajd

Design: Adéla Svobodová

Supporting role: Marko Mandić

Set photography: Tadej Vaukman, Karoliná Matušková

22 × 30 cm, 170 pages, color illustrations, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-903412-14-9

Price: € 25

Shipping costs:
Austria: € 4
EU und Switzerland: € 9
World: € 15

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