Niklas Lichti & Miriam Stoney. CONSUMING SPIRITS

Artist talk
12/4 2022 7 pm

A Conversation on the Fantastical Self-Regard of the Autonomous Subject, Permeable Identities and the Remainders of Animism

Miriam Stoney joins Niklas Lichti for a conversation on the fantasies and mythologizations necessary to uphold the notion of the autonomous subject, and the ways both artists seek to contest the boundaries of selfhood through their practices. With reference to their respective bodies of work, the conversation probes the permeability of identity formations in encounters with the objects, infrastructures and substances that constitute our surroundings. Taking divergent stances on the potentials of animism, Lichti and Stoney converge in their search for viable alternatives to human exceptionalism and possessive individualism in their formulations of psychic health and dis-ease.

Miriam Stoney is a writer, artist and translator working through art writing, performance, audio and installation. She lives and works in Vienna and London.

Niklas Lichti is a Vienna-based visual artist.

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