A “Hysterical Mining” Evening with… Karin Harrasser & Paul Feigelfeld

29/9 2019 7 pm

Offering glimpses of everything from images, music, and YouTube videos to readings, recordings, and casual conversation, the Hysterical Mining Evenings with … promise to take audience members on a pop-culture journey together with the evening invitee(s) who will actively share their specific interests, ideas and imaginative desires with an array of media. While prominently addressing feminism and technology, each guest draws alignments to artistic, political and social concerns, mostly chatting about their own personal thoughts, inspirations and current research given their broad field of expertise. Expect miscellaneous, informal presentations where the guest of the evening decides how to bring the audience along the hysterical mines of their mind and beyond!

Karin Harrasser is a media and cultural scientist. She is a professor of Cultural Studies at the Art University in Linz. Together with Elisabeth Timm she publishes the Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaten (Magazine for Cultural Studies).

Paul Feigelfeld is a media theorist, wri­ter, trans­la­tor and edi­tor, as well as a curator, teacher and advisor for various universities, art schools and art institutions. Together with Marlies Wirth he is curator of Uncanny Values at the MAK for the Vienna Biennale for Change 2019.

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket