A shop is a shop is a shop (beta). Conceptual store

1/2 2022 — 13/2 2022 11 am — 7 pm
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A project with students of the TransArts class of the University of Applied Arts and guests, curated by Klaus Speidel

A shop is a shop is a shop (beta) offers shopping experiences of a unique kind. We looked for exceptional goods and experiences, thought about the nature of style and commerce and curated objects of international creators. A reflective shopping experience or a shoppy thought experience is guaranteed.

Klaus Speidel, who’s in charge of the new concept store explains: “The traditional brick and mortar store can only survive in the face of an algorithm-driven attention economy online if we find new ways to personalize the customer journey. The shop assistants have to become lifestyle consultants, friends and challengers, who make the customers feel like guests whose needs we understand and take very seriously. Today, the experience is more important than the sale.”

Discover the first truly unique retail experience, adapted to your needs and desires of the moment. No two visits will be the same. As opposed to ordinary stores and art exhibitions, where personal preferences have little room, here each visit is designed to be singular and tellable.

You will find everything your heart desires, regardless of whether you love the „good old things“ or prefer owning digital assets: From NFTs to the obligatory snow globe, from postcards to individualized smartphones, there’s something for every taste and budget. You’ll discover completely new ways of seeing water and bread, energy drinks and Manner snacks, aprons or chairs.

In cooperation with the ARTIS Lab (Art Research on Transformation of Individuals and Society) of the University of Vienna, methods of modern psychology are used to ensure that every visit really is unique. You are a minimalist anti-capitalist or a hedonistic connoisseur? You prefer objects over experiences or the opposite? You are a digital native or a flea market afficionado? Now this, now that? Whatever is your urge of the day, our experienced lifestyle consultants will tailor your visit to your needs, delivering emotions or inducing thoughts, reassuring you in difficult times or providing new challenges.

The opening of our store (beta) will take place on February 1st from 11 am. Until February 13th, the store will be open daily during the opening hours of the Kunsthalle Wien. A wealth of discoveries is awaiting you!

Participating creators: Arda Arin • Maria Belova • Renate Bertlmann • Pierre Bismuth • Raychel Carrión • Dalila Cataldi • Jean-François De Witte • Anton Defant • Jimmie Durham • Josepha Edbauer • Karin Ferrari • Christopher Frieß • Tina Grüll • Christoph Höschele • Chris Attila Izsák • Lim Jang • Mathias Leberbauer • Xenia Lesniewski • Daria Lytvynenko & Teuta Jonuzi • Alisa Omelianceva • Ei Ozawa • Dan Perjovschi • Klaus Pichler • Jérémie Queyras • Ula Reutina • Selina Rottmann • Nelson Jalil Sardiñas • Luka Savić • Noa Schaub •Miriam Schenkirz • Julia Schmidt • Mithu Sen • Ezra Šimek • Kai Philip Trausenegger • Helen Weber • Janine Weger • Riki Werdenigg • Ramiro Wong

Lifestyle-consultants: Mariam Avaliani • Jeanne-Marie Bertram • Coco Brell • Anna Katharina Frommann • Lisa Furtner • Alina Hagenschulte

Concept, curation and design: Klaus Speidel

Team Konzept, Kuration, Design: Arda Arin • Dalila Cataldi • Christopher Frieß • Teuta Jonuzi • Daria Lytvynenko • Alisa Omelianceva • Ula Reutina • Luka Savić • Miriam Schenkirz • Ezra Šimek • Helen Weber • Janine Weger • Ramiro Wong

Communications and Social Media: Maria Belova • Josepha Edbauer • Christina Grüll

Procurement: Mathias Leberbauer • Selina Rottmann • Kai Philip Trausenegger

Documentation: Hartwin Haselbauer • Paul Wimmer