A Walk Through Red Vienna

Guided tour
11/9 2022 11 am — 1 pm

Facts and legends with Arts of the Working Class editors María Inés Plaza Lazo and Ido Nahari, together with artist Nour Shantout

In collaboration with Arts of the Working Class and wohnpartner

Prior registration is not necessary. More info here

Arts of the Working Class joins Vienna-based artist Nour Shantout for a tour of the Gemeindebauten and the history of workers’ solidarity and struggle in Vienna.

Shantout’s extensive work of stitching encapsulates a preservation of traditional forms of knowledge, whether they be the historic spaces we continue to inhabit, or the long-established creative faculties we cultivate. The walk will take place between the different communal buildings in the city, as well as their historical importance with current cultural practices. As Shantout’s work embraces traditional forms of knowledge by indigenous women from Syria and Palestine as a form of resistance, we will discuss the masculinity embedded in imagery of (re)constructing Red Vienna’s past, the process of gaining public consent to political revolutions today and in the past, and how Shantout’s delicate embroidery combines with public housing facades to create a cohesive whole.

The tour will begin at Fischerstiege (1010 Vienna) at 11 am and will conclude at Karl-Marx-Hof (1190 Vienna) at 1pm.