All about concrete

Guided tour
13/7 2016 10 am — 12 pm

Tour at the C³ Studio
Franzosengraben 7, 1030 Vienna

The C³ Studio for Cement, Concrete and Competence is an association of knowledgeable planners and implementers, specialists and test laboratories who are all active in the field of construction. The concept is sponsored by the CRH Wien and the participating businesses, who as partners are allowed to use the premises for a fee in order to host special events, hold meetings, and present their products. The aim of this platform is to contribute to the field of cement and concrete with research, development and consultation and by providing further education and support through seminars, training, and workshops. The C³ Studio offers a range of possibilities for learning more about cement and concrete, and the resulting innovations.

On a tour of the C³ Studio, Marko Haberhauer and his team will show you just how diverse and exciting the building material concrete can be.