CANCELLED: Andreas Siekmann, Heads (2019–2020)

19/3 2020 7 pm

In order not to endanger the safety of our visitors in view of the current situation in connection with Covid-19, Kunsthalle Wien will be closed until further notice. This applies to the exhibition as well as all events and guided tours.

In light of a disastrous mixture of unleashed financial economy, ecological destruction, dismantling of solidarity-based models of coexistence, and data colonizing capitalism, … why portrait busts made of plasticine? Andreas Siekmann will discuss his research on the “brains” and think tanks of neoliberalism, whose thought models seem to even imbue its critique. Siekmann will also talk about the conscious attempt to develop an artistic visual language that addresses damage and exploitation through the display of the idea providers, rather than of the victims.

Andreas Siekmann is Artist in Residence 2020 of studio das weisse haus in cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien.

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