Annette Kelm. Tomato Target

13/12 2018 7 pm

7 pm: Exhibition opening
8 pm: Live-Set by Steven Warwick

Annette Kelm’s photographs show unassuming yet oddly fractious motifs that quote the still life, object or studio photography, or the classical architecture shot, yet without ever fully complying with the conventions governing these genres. Often captured in frontal views and in great detail, the minimal and yet visually opulent object worlds underscore their translation into the two-dimensional space of photography. The exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien turns the spotlight on works in which architecture, design, or constellations of seemingly mundane objects are revealed to be visual manifestations of complex genealogies.

On the occasion of the opening, artist, musician and author Steven Warwick, who lives in Berlin and was previously known under the pseudonym Heatsick, will play a live set featuring new and unpublished tracks. He produces and performs a hybrid live set with drum machine, vocals and CDJs. He releases his recordings through the club / experimental label PAN. In addition to the London Contemporary Music Festival, the Mutek and the Unsound Festival, as well as the Trouw Amterdam, he already played among others in Berghain.

Free admission!