between floors

20/6 2023 7:30 pm

Performance by Julius Pristauz & Cæcilie Heldt Rønnow in the context of the exhibition Unfreezing the Scene. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2022.

Entrance is free, but capacity is limited.

between floors is a performance that questions the boundaries between private and public spheres. Two performers – Pristauz and Rønnow – stand on a stage and engage in an intricate dance of acting and reacting to one another. In a negotiation of both physical space and interpersonal relationships, between floors challenges ideas of intimacy, affinity, and power dynamics.

Julius Pristauz (b. 1998, Judenburg, Austria) lives and works in Vienna. In 2022, he obtained his Master of Arts in Transmedia Art with Jakob Lena Knebl at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, after which he began studies in the performance department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, FaVU, in Brno. Most recently, he curated exhibitions in Vienna at EXILE, during the Curated by gallery festival, as well as at UA26 and the University Gallery of Applied Arts in Heiligenkreuzerhof. At Kunsthalle Bratislava he curated the group exhibition SOMETHING IS BURNING in 2022. Pristauz’ performative works have been shown at the Grazer Kunstverein and at Belvedere 21 (Vienna), among others.

Cæcilie Heldt Rønnow (b. 1988, Copenhagen, Denmark) lives and works in Vienna. In her practice she works with the nature around us in order to get a better understanding of the nature within us. In her attempt to describe human emotions she uses humor, text and animal metaphors. Recent exhibitions include loving others at Künstlerhaus (Vienna) and No Dancing Allowed at Q21, Museumsquartier (Vienna).