Birgit Zinner Birgit Zinner Live / Talkshow

28/4 2015 8 pm

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What happens to a work of art when it leaves the studio? Does it change? Does a bond develop with the person who owns it? In her performance, Birgit Zinner looks into the relationships between artist, work of art and owner. In a staged talk show, while interviewing herself in her studio, she also addresses people who purchased her work. All her pieces made after 1985 are interrelated and part of a bigger whole. They are figurative models that expand the aspect of painting within which the relationship of the subject, the object and the space encounters the idea of a simultaneous production and reflection. The “live” talk show at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz is a contrived play which focuses on the communication of art and features concepts of spontaneity, time, authenticity and deception. Interviewing herself, the artist demands or denies a statement and specifies or deviates a topic. Is there an entity to a work of art or is the work of art an entity itself? Where does the piece begin and where does it end?

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket

The performance program of Destination Vienna 2015 will outline the vitality that this art form is currently experiencing in Vienna. Different artists and artist groups represent the bandwidth of the medium from critical to parodic and subversive approaches.