Bitte seien sie achtsam. Andere brauchen ihren Karlsplatz vielleicht notwendiger.

6/5 2019 — 8/5 2019 

BITTE SEIEN SIE ACHTSAM. ANDERE BRAUCHEN IHREN KARLSPLATZ VIELLEICHT NOTWENDIGER is a project conceived and realized by the Studio for Conceptual Art [Post-Conceptual Art Practices//PCAP] Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

It consists of an exhibition, performative interventions in the space, workshops, lecture, talks by and with the students of the Studio for Conceptual Art [Post-Conceptual Art Practices] Organization: Prof. Marina Grzinic, Maren Grimm, Julia Hohenwarter, Mika Maruyama and the STUDENTS of Post-conceptual Art Practices with invited GUESTS.

The project consists of two threads along which we want to elaborate specific questions. First, what is our responsibility in entering the public space? Who can enter it and or has access to it?
Second, how is it possible to deconstruct the concept of going public with artworks and performative bodies? Can we raise any social awareness, can we “woke the public space and the people” on questions of marginalization, discrimination, precarity?

In this regard students enter the public space with interventions, constructing topical art objects with discursive and political potentials; the temporary constructed performative spaces (rapping, shouting, manifesting) will exchange with the passerby, and as well with the specific art and any public. We want to open with this project a platform for dialogue with everybody passing by, building temporary communities and questioning the politics of art practice, the performative of words uttered and bodies in the public space. Using a title, referring to an announcement known from the public transport and adapted to the actual area, we will start this conversation.


Mon 6/5 2019
6pm: Opening at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz Skulpturenplatz
Exhibition works, screening, statements by participants from the Studio for Conceptual Art [Post-Conceptual Art Practices//PCAP]

The installation The bench by Iklim Dogan, screenings by Đejmi Hadrović, audio/interview laboratory, performative interventions with banners and talks by Asma Aiad, Megan Auður, Sarah Raffaela Jackel, Robert Jolly, Maisie Jowett, Aaron Kimmig, Yul Koh, Marta Grace Latigo, Cathérine Lehnerer, Dean Maassen, Valentin Pfenniger, Manuel Prammer, Xhejlane Rexhepi, Julien Segarra, Sophie Anna Stadler, Dafina Sylejmani alias DACID GO8LIN, Dominik Szereday, and passers-by.

9pm: Performance with rap by Mindj Panther (Simonida and Sandra Selimović, Vienna)
The performance is also connected with the major holiday for the Roma community that is Feast of Saint George. It is celebrated on 6 May 2019.

Tue 7/5 2019
12 – 3pm: Intimate Bureaucracy
Workshop by Heba Y. Amin in situ with students and passers-by
Followed by interventions in the space with talks and screenings.

7pm: Female Subjectivities and Technological Dystopias
Lecture by Heba Y. Amin at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin grounds her work in extensive research that looks at the convergence of politics, technology, and architecture. Techno-utopian ideas, as manifest in characteristic machines of colonial soft power, are at the heart of Amin’s work. Starting from the idea that landscape is an expression of dominant political power – Heba Y. Amin looks for tactics of subversion and other techniques to undermine consolidated systems and flip historical narratives through a critical spatial practice. Amin teaches at Bard College Berlin, is a doctorate fellow in art history at Freie Universität, and a current Field of Vision fellow in NYC. She is the co-founder of the Black Athena Collective, the curator of visual art for the MIZNA journal (US), and co-curator for the biennial residency program DEFAULT with Ramdom Association (IT). Furthermore, Amin is also one of the artists behind the subversive graffiti action on the set of the television series “Homeland” which received worldwide media attention. Amin lives in Berlin. More…

Wed 8/5 2019
12 – 3pm
:Australia-Austria: A New Terra Nullius (immigration as amnesia) – The Violence of Recurrent Colonisations in Contemporary Australia
Workshop by James Nguyen in situ with students and passers-by

This workshop has been assisted by the University of NSW (Art & Design), Australia

James Nguyen has completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga), a Bachelor of Arts. Honours (National Art School, Sydney), a Masters of Fine Arts (Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney) and currently a PhD candidate at the University of NSW (Arts & Design). Nguyen has also been a fellow at UnionDocs (Centre for Experimental Documentary Arts, NYC), co-founder of Astute Art Investments International, on the artists board for WestSpace and currently a Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artist, Melbourne.

Followed by interventions in the space with talks and screenings. The reflections are connected with 8 May 1945, the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, and the end of the WWII. Where are we standing today in the EU regarding rights?

6pm: What the disobedient bodies speak?
Statements and talk organized by Grace Marta Latigo with the participation of Asma Aiad, Faris Cuchi and Marissa Lobo

Talk with activists’ artists who carry historically marked bodies connecting intersectional questions and a narrative of epistemic disobedience. Disobedience trough body-minds, body speeches, body genders, body sexualities and body counter hegemonic positions.