“Black Sound White Cube” by Dieter Lesage & Ina Wudtke

1/7 2010 7 pm
Museumsquartier / Videolounge

Followed by a discussion with the authors Ina Wudtke (Berlin, artist and curator) and Prof. Dr. Dieter Lesage (Brussels and Berlin, Philosopher).

Introduction: Cathérine Hug, Curator Kunsthalle Wien, Thomas Mießgang, Curator Kunsthalle Wien

Black Sound White Cube by the Belgian philosopher Dieter Lesage and the German artist and curator Ina Wudtke sheds a new light on global intricacies within contemporary art production and comments on works by international artists, such as Sonia Boyce, Jennie C. Jones, Minouk Lim, Nadine Robinson, Sanford Biggers and Yoel Vazquez, as well as by curators, such as Thelma Golden, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Lydia Yee, Richard J. Powell and Franklin Sirmans, who in their artistic and curatorial work reflect on the afro-atlantic diaspora and explore the relationships between music and the visual arts. Black Sound White Cube also offers a refreshing critical reading of canonical works of art, which in this context are uncritically mentioned over and over again, such as 4’33” by John Cage, and Rock My Religion by Dan Graham. At once courteously and polemically, Ina Wudtke and Dieter Lesage indicate subaltern lines of tradition and provoke a discussion beyond the hegemonic traditions of avantgarde and rock.

Black Sound White Cube
By Dieter Lesage & Ina Wudtke
14 x 19,5 cm., 112 pages, 21 images
In English, € 14,80
Löcker Verlag, Wien 2010
ISBN 978-3-85409-547-7