Blau machen: Movie Night

27/11 2014 

Color plays a major role in cinematic storytelling, it creates mood and is charged with symbols and meaning. Whether used in set design, equipment, costume, lighting, or applied directly on the film strip, we will enquire – together with Thomas Ballhausen* – and see (afresh) the application of blue in influential as well as unknown films. Additionally, the historical dimension of cinematic color will be investigated.

From the early silent, hand-colored films, the color schemes of various movies, to how colour is codified in contemporary Hollywood cinema, we’ll explore the use the color blue in movies as part of

Blau machen: Movie Night starts at 8 pm. Before you can visit the exhibition Blue Times and its Blue Salon. The evening will conclude with the feature film Blade Runner (1982), directed by Ridley Scott, with a.o Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young.

We’ll have popcorn, beer and soft drinks!

Free with admission. Admission is reduced to EUR 2 for all visitors during the Blue Hour, held daily from 5 pm – 7pm, Thursdays from 5 pm – 9 pm.

*Thomas Ballhausen is an Austrian writer, literary and film scholar. He teaches at the University of Vienna and is the head of the library of the Austrian Film Archives.

Blau Machen in the Blue Salon
The Blue Salon is a dedicated knowledge room within the exhibition Blue Times that functions symbiotically and further expands the exhibition into the field of cultural history. Based on the principles of a “Wunderkammer” [chamber of marvels or curiosity room] and a study room, a selection of objects from the natural sciences, handicraft practices and pop culture are presented in this space.

On select days, the Blue Salon will be activated: under the title Blau machen the salon will host workshops, roundtable talks and music and film nights. “Blau machen” is a German expression for skipping work/school.