Blau machen: Roundtable

5/11 2014 5:30 pm — 7 pm

The colour blue doesn’t only hold a special significance in the world of art – it is also an ubiquitous part of our every day lives.

In the first of two roundtable talks organised by Denkfabrik, our guests Ramón Reichert (media studies), Maria Schreiber (journalism & communication studies) and Peter Stöckl (advertising & graphic design) will discuss the phenomenon of the colour blue in visual communication as well as marketing and branding and the media.

The audience is invited to join the talks and investigate the various meanings of the colour blue as a social and cultural symbol – across the globe and throughout history.
(The talk will be held in German, but international perspectives are very welcome.)

Event in the Blue Salon
The Blue Salon is a dedicated knowledge room within the exhibition Blue Times that functions symbiotically and further expands the exhibition into the field of cultural history. Based on the principles of a “Wunderkammer” [chamber of marvels or curiosity room] and a study room, a selection of objects from the natural sciences, handicraft practices and pop culture are presented in this space.