Bolest i ozdravljenje Bude Brakusa (Illness and Recovery of Buda Brakus)

Film program
4/7 2021 7 pm

Direction, screenplay: Želimir Žilnik; Cinematography: Arpad Nemet; Editing: Slobodan Jandrić; Cast: Buda Brakus, Spasoje Ilić, Rade Kantar, Ćetko Obradović. YU, 1980, DCP (16mm), in color, 98 min., Serbian with English subtitles

The protagonists of this docudrama are old farmers who migrated to the region of Banat in Vojvodina in 1922, getting the land for their merits in the First World War. One of these farmers, Buda Brakus, is injured while feeding his bulls and taken to hospital for surgery. During his recovery, his old friends visit him and evoke memories from the war. He remembers being wounded, lying in a hospital bed in North Africa, and crossing Albania on foot, as well as his time spent in America in 1910. To create these segments, Žilnik used archival material. Brakus then goes to a spa town, where he meets Hungarian people who are the same age as him. At the time Brakus first settled in Vojvodina, these Hungarian workers mainly worked in mills or helped the newcomers as bricklayers when they were building their houses. The impressive lives of all the protagonists are woven into a multifaceted recounting of the lives of people in this region.

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