Build your own museum!

Kids' program / Workshop
31/10 2023 10 am — 12 pm

In cooperation with WIENXTRA

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For children from 6 – 10 years, groups are welcome

Architects wanted: what would a museum designed by you look like? Which artworks would you exhibit and how many floors does your museum have?

Get inspired by Kunsthalle Wien’s exhibition No Feeling is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection and build a museum from various materials such as large and small cardboard boxes, paper, adhesive foils, and many more! Can you perhaps also play, sleep or learn in the museum you have invented?

Workshop fee:

Children: € 2 / € 1 with WienXtra-kinderaktivcard

Adults: € 3 / € 2 with WienXtra-kinderaktivcard