C.Cuisine, E.Jantschitsch, S.Kamerun, D.Neidhart: BBB: Bernhard – Brinkmann – Burroughs

17/5 2013 7:45 pm

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Moderated by: Katja Huber

Pop culture’s so-called “cool knowledge” has long drawn from a variety of sources. It’s unsolicited, improper, illegitimate. Ideally, high art and popular culture would here meet at eye level, as they do in the works of Bernhard, Brinkmann, and Burroughs, all of whom have in some way left their mark on pop music. The three were united not only in their rejection of the societal and literary mainstream, but also in their departure from literary conventions. Above all, (pop) musicians continually emphasise the musical qualities of their texts. The formal and thematic repertoire uniting literature and pop music is extensive: cut-ups, quotes, fragments, provocations, artifice, exaggeration, litanies, repetitions, and loops. But does pop music actually need literary models? Or is it in fact literature that needs pop music, in order to avoid literary theory’s blind spots? “BBB: Bernhard – Brinkmann – Burroughs” is a panel discussion with selected audio samples and an introductory reading by Curt Cuisine’s Bernhard-inspired Holzfällen und Niedermetzeln.

Curt Cuisine (*1969) is a writer. He lives and works in Vienna. In 2013 he published Holzfällen und Niedermetzeln.

Katja Huber (*1971) is a radio host. She lives and works as a journalist and writer in Munich.

Eva Jantschitsch aka Gustav is a singer. She lives and works in Vienna. She has been the recipient of many prizes, including the Amadeus Austrian Music Award as FM4 Alternative Act of the year, and 2013 of the Austrian Film Prize in the category best musical score.

Schorsch Kamerun (*1963) is a singer, writer, director, and a club manager. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Didi Neidhart (*1963) is a musician and DJ. He lives and works in Salzburg. Since 1985 he has written for various magazines such as Filmlogbuch, kulturrisse, kunstfehler, skug, Elend &Verbrechen and Der Standard.