Cancelled: Political Futures Talk with Matthias Mühling

20/11 2018 7 pm

The talk with Matthias Mühling has been postponed due to personal reasons. Further information will follow soon.

The German art historian and curator Matthias Mühling has been director of the Lenbachhaus Munich since 2014. As well as showing both its own collection and international contemporary art, the gallery also stages exhibitions on current themes related to society and politics. After the Fact. Propaganda in the 21st Century (2017), Facts & Fiction. Images of Catastrophe and Projections (2015) and Playtime (2014) presented works in a dialogue that actively engaged with the public.

As a city gallery, the Lenbachhaus is itself also involved in local cultural politics, and is faced with a range of expectations.
How can one satisfy demands for high visitor numbers without compromising the maxim of a high-quality program that reflects the issues of our time? How can the collection and exhibition be brought together constructively as a concept? And where do the boundaries lie for institutions with an international perspective yet also a commitment to local art history?

Vanessa Joan Müller talks to Matthias Mühling about his approach to the challenges of museum exhibition practice between art and society.

Free admission!

Part of the Vienna Art Week and the talk series Political Futures.