Chris Dercon: The Institution as Space for Encounters

25/5 2017 7 pm

Talk with Vanessa Joan Müller and Nicolaus Schafhausen

Chris Dercon was the director of Haus der Kunst in Munich and the Tate Modern in London. In 2017 he will take over the management of the Volksbühne Berlin. During his time in Munich he already focused on a close connection between contemporary art and adjoining fields.
His plans for the Volksbühne involve redeveloping the program to include a broader spectrum of positions, from spoken theater to performance arts.

What does it mean to dissolve structures that appear to be a given? What is the future of large, traditional, cultural institutions and how can their programs keep up with the pace of society as dynamic as ours?

The talk is part of a series of talks that will be held under the motto art history today. Art history is based on the assumption that scholarly reception and interpretation as such constitute activities tied to their historical context. Therefore, to look at visual art from a current point of view inevitably entails the superimposition of a contemporary perspective on a historical practice. The series of talks attempts to radicalize this view: What interests us today and why?

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