Discussion / Event
20/3 2021 7 pm

Želimir Žilnik
: Kenedi, Lost and Found (26 min, 2005)
Presentation: Wer darf Widerspruch? (20 min, 2021)

How is it possible to talk about racism, sexism, and discrimination? What does it take?
And above all – WHO is allowed to do it? And also when?
Who is allowed to object?

The questions about the unspoken rules of the social order, which Želimir Žilnik deals with in his works, are as important as ever. For one week, the participants of the Wer darf Widerspruch? lab under the direction of Nina Kusturica explored the mechanisms of power and powerlessness and their influence on our understanding of the world. The result is a 20-minute film that raises many questions but also gives us hope.

This online event takes place within the framework of Cinemarkt, a series of feature films, documentaries, and short films by Brunnenpassage. It addresses the various facets and boundaries between cultures and identities.

The screenings will be live on YouTube, followed by a discussion on the topic of objection with Želimir Žilnik, Nina Kusturica, and the participants of the Wer darf Widerspruch? lab Ruchi Bajaj, Julian Beyer, Marco Otoya, Ingrid Porzner, Tabea Strobl, Anil Üver and Soheil Zamani on Zoom.
The Zoom link will be posted in the YouTube live chat, you can also register in advance.

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A cooperation of Brunnenpassage with Kunsthalle Wien and Burgtheaterstudio