Collection Südbahnhof

Guided tour
14/9 2019 11 am

The Viennese Südbahnhof (south railway station) – an iconic monument of Austrian postwar era – was completely demolished a few years ago to make place for a new real estate area and thereby a new visual identity of the city. This transformation of urban space is the point of departure of Andreas Fogarasis’ work and his upcoming exhibition Nine Buildings, Stripped at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz. The artist combines original material of defunct buildings and their successors into abstract panels.

While searching for leftover material, the artist became aware of a unique collection located in the basement of a school in the 10th district of Vienna. For years, educator Karin Schmidt gathered elements of the Südbahnhof architecture and equipment. The collection consists of a wide range from tiles, doors, and clocks over signposts up to tableware from the station bistro. Together with Andreas Fogarasi, Karin Schmidt will lead through this outstanding archive thereby reclaiming the visual presence of the Südbahnhof into the present day.

Free admission

Location: Ettenreichgasse 45, 1100 Vienna

(20 persons max)