Collective Study

24/6 2017 2 pm

Watching films together: An Anagram of Ideas on Art, Form and Film – the work of Maya Deren

The session will be moderated by Chantelle Lavel Boyea and Mirela Baciak who are both this year’s kültüř gemma! fellows at Kunsthalle Wien.

Maya Deren was a woman-filmmaker, whose films crossed with other disciplines, such as dance and poetry. Along to Yvonne Rainer and Shirley Clarke she is considered one of the most interesting protagonists of experimental and independent filmmaking.

During the session we will discuss Deren’s films: Mashes of the Afternoon, At Land, and Private Life of a Cat in regard to their technical tricks and poetic dimension.

Mirela and Chantelle will also discuss how the work of Deren influenced and inspired their own work and approach to their fellowship projects at Kunsthalle Wien.

The Collective Study sessions take place as an open space dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and skills – in the frame of small, practical workshops, reading circles, film clubs or excursions. Ideas are continuously collected in the Community College; the afternoons will partly evolve spontaneously or on a short-term basis.

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