Collective Study

1/7 2017 2 pm

Collective Reading: Chiara Bertola, The figures of the curator

The session will be moderated by Mirela Baciak who is one of this year’s kültüř gemma! fellow at Kunsthalle Wien.

During this session we will read and discuss a text by Chiara Bertola entitled Le figure del curatore (eng. The figures of the curator). In the text Bertola seeks to identify the modes and characteristics that have marked her experience as a curator, but above all she is exploring how the relationship between two and more subjects is characterized and defined, how an encounter between subjects happens and affects each individual. She introduces five figures: the figure of a weaver, the interlocutor, the traveler, the narrator and the subversive figure. We will discuss these figures, try to delink them from the persona of the curator and reapproach their performative use in various contexts.

If you wish to receive the text in advance, please write an email to:

The Collective Study sessions take place as open space dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and skills – in the frame of small, practical workshops, reading circles, film clubs or excursions. Ideas are continuously collected in the Community College; the afternoons will partly evolve spontaneously or on a short-term basis.

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