Collective Study: Gestures of Welcoming

12/8 2017 2 pm

Collective Study Session at 2 pm &
Community College EXCURSION at 4 pm

Proposed by Zahra Mirza, Katharina Stadlbauer, and other members of the Kunsthalle Wien Denkfabrik.

On this date, we invite you to discover and rediscover the city and its history together. Is there a connection between how a city displays its history and its hospitality? After a workshop introducing critical methods of history-making we will go for a walk through the city to experiment with writing (and placing) “Postcards to the city”.

Zahra Mirza and Katharina Stadlbauer are artists and art educators. Working with hard and soft materials they seek to activate their potential to foster empathy and cooperation. They are both long term members of the Kunsthalle Wien Denkfabrik.

Gestures of Welcoming leads to a second Workshop & Excursion under the title Hand In Hand-Crafting The City, which takes place on Sunday, 20/8, 2 to 5 pm.

The series “Collective Study” is an open space dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and skills – in the frame of small, practical workshops, reading circles, film clubs or excursions. Ideas are continuously collected in the Community College; the afternoons will partly evolve spontaneously or on a short-term basis.

Sat 3/6, 24/6, 1/7, 15/7, 12/8, 26/8, 2/9, 9/9, 23/9, 7/10, 2 pm