Collective Study: Reflecting History

2/9 2017 2 pm

An open space dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and skills – in the frame of small, practical workshops, reading circles, film clubs or excursions. Ideas are continuously collected in the Community College; the afternoons will partly evolve spontaneously or on a short-term basis.

This afternoon’s topic is to inquire how contemporary and historical political struggles relate to each other – troubling concepts of living together that are based on oblivion or narrations of an only heroic past. Following a proposition by Beatrice Forchini, Zahra Mirza, Katharina Stadlbauer and other Denkfabrik members, we will read Walter Benjamin’s Text On the Concept of History together and watch Kader Attia’s film Reflecting memory, which is on display in the exhibition How To Live Together.

Sat 3/6, 24/6, 1/7, 15/7, 12/8, 26/8, 2/9, 9/9, 23/9, 7/10, 2 pm