Community College: Donna Haraway Reading Session with Dagmer Fink

24/9 2019 7 pm

With Dagmar Fink

Text: Donna Haraway, A Game of Cat’s Cradle. Science Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies, in: Configurations, Johns Hopkins University Press, Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1994, available online.

“Feminism loves another science: the sciences and politics of interpretation, translation, stuttering, and the partly understood. […] Translation is always interpretive, critical, and partial. Here is a ground for conversation, rationality, and objectivity – which is powersensitive, not pluralist, ‘conversation’.” (Donna Haraway, aus dem Essay from the essay: Situated Knowledges, 1988)

Mag.a Dagmar Fink, literary scholar and cultural theorist, 2019 PhD Thesis on Cyborg-Concepts of Donna Haraway and in SF-Feminisms. Since 2000 she is teaching at various Austrian, German and Swiss universities and works as a translator of theoretical texts in the queer/feminist collective gender et alia. She co-founded and is active in the Association of Feminist Academics (Verband feministischer Wissenschafter/innen) in Austria, and is board member of the ÖGGF Gender Studies Association Austria.

Recent publications:

„Welche Geschichten Zukunft schaffen. Zwei (afrofuturistische und) feministische Spekulative Fiktionen.“ Femina Politica 1/2019: Her mit der Zukunft?! Feministische und queere Utopien und die Suche nach alternativen Gesellschaftsformen, 32-45
„‘Wir sind die Borg!‘ Cyborgs zwischen obligater Existenzweise im Spätkapitalismus und queer*feministischen Entwürfen.“ engagée Nr. 5 (2017), Maschine-Werden, 41-45
„Ein Fisch im flaschengrünen tiefen All? Oder: wie Feministi*nnen die transhumane Figur d* Cyborg kaperten und zu compost verarbeiteten.“ FifF-Kommunikation. Zeitschrift für Informatik und Gesellschaft 3/16, S. 32-37

On occasion of the Hysterical Mining exhibition, a host of readings will take place in the discursive space at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz. The Hysterical Mining Library serves as the catalyst to mine into and unearth excerpts deemed valuable to voice and discuss. Each reading session will comprise of three speakers, alternately taking the stage to share out loud the words of artists, novelists, feminists, scientists, historians, philosophers and theorists. An open conversation will follow the readings. Come to listen and join in the conversation! (In English)

Admission EUR 2

Free with exhibition ticket or annual ticket and for Community College members.

Language depending on the participants German and/or English.

Further dates:
Sun 15/9, 7 pm: Reading session with Vanessa Joan Müller, Maximilian Steinborn & Anne Faucheret

Tue 1/10, 7 pm: Reading session with Juliane Saupe, Eleanor Taylor & Anne Faucheret (in English)