Conte Potuto: Farewell

25/6 2024 7 pm

Following the artist talk with Marielena Stark, Conte Potuto will present their performance Farewell as part of the exhibition Come as You Are. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2023.

Founded in 2016, Conte Potuto is a Vienna-based artist collective who put on playful interventions that can be experienced as walk-in stories.

The performance will be held in German. Free admission.

For their gathering at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Conte Potuto invite you to bid farewell with them by creating a space dedicated to different forms of goodbye; whether to friends before the summer break, or to a holiday romance, or to a phase of life. Farewell rituals take place over time, some overlapping and some wanting more attention over others. A speech is read, a melancholic song on the piano is played, a letter is burnt. A collective experience full of individual goodbyes, that uses pop-cultural clichés and traditional rituals to enable a personal practice of bidding farewell. For Conte Potuto, coming as you are is difficult, saying goodbye is even harder. So, let’s shed a tear together?