Curator´s tour: Aziza Harmel

Curator's tour
2/6 2021 7:30 pm

Aziza Harmel, part of our curatorial team, guides you through Manuš Means Human. The exhibition presents Averklub Collective’s latest research and artworks. The group is loosely organized and consists of several residents of the Chanov housing estate, which is considered to be the largest Roma settlement in the Czech Republic. It is not a predictable and uplifting history of Romani art, rather a portrait of how attempts at a cultural and ethnical exoticism have set back and impede the true emancipation and inclusion of Romani people in the greater European social fabric. Which lessons can be learned from twentieth century socialism and which models of equality are appropriate in this context?

Aziza Harmel will offer you an insight and answer your questions live on Facebook. The tour will be held in English.