Das Ihme-Zentrum – Traum Ruine Zukunft

16/10 2016 11 am

Filmscreening followed by talk

Kunsthalle Wien plays host to the first screening in Austria of the German language documentary film: Das Ihme-Zentrum – Traum Ruine Zukunft [The Ihme-Zentrum – Dream Ruin Future].

The large brutalist “Ihme-Zentrum”, at 285,000 m2, is a “monstrous” residential, office and (former) shopping center located in Hannover and a monument of the high-density urban planning of the 1970s. Developed in the spirit of the former omnipresent enthusiasm for progress, mismanagement and speculation over real estate have hit the flagship project hard. However, what is an “eyesore” for some is a space of gigantic opportunity for others. The cinematic portrait by Constantin Alexander and Hendrik Millauer documents the past utopias and current visions of initiatives from residents, architects, and the local creative scene portraying their multifaceted ideas for the future of the complex. They create an enthusiasm for a sustainable transformation which might in the end result in the Ihme-Zentrum as the “new landmark for Hannover”.

Das Ihme-Zentrum – Traum Ruine Zukunft
Constantin Alexander and Hendrik Millauer
D 2016, 45 Min, Austrian-Premiere

Film-screening, breakfast and discussion with the filmmakers and Ihme-Zentrum activists Constantin Alexander and Hendrik Millauer.

An event of urbanize! Int. Festival for urban explorations in cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien.

Watch the trailer for Das Ihme-Zentrum – Traum Ruine Zukunft here: www.vimeo.com/ihmezentrum

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket