Film program
17/7 2019 8 pm

On two evenings, Hysterical Mining takes the stage of Kaleidoskop film festival, building on the feminist posthumanist and techno-feminist positions of the exhibition with the documentary Donna Harraway: Story Telling For Earthly Survival (10/7) and with the fantastical story of world footballer Diamantino (17/7).

8 pm
Curator’s tour at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz with free admission.

9 pm
Introduction: Talk & reading with Anne Faucheret (Curator Hysterical Mining, Kunsthalle Wien), Stefan Schweigler (Media researcher | University of Vienna) and CineCollective

Intro movie
Sidsel Meineche Hansen | 2014 | 8’ | eOF

Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt | PRT 2018 | 92’ | OmeU

When a soccer player runs onto the field – nimbly moving their bodies, masterfully steering the game – what do they see before their inner eye? For world football star Diamantino it is pink fluffy clouds and frolicking puppies. Until at the world cup finals he suddenly loses his magic mojo. With the abrupt end of his career, he sets on a delirious journey searching for purpose in the ‘real’ world. DIAMANTINO is a delightful satire about a fallen star whose naive, yet persistent ambition to improve the world finds him confronted with financial corruption, personal greed, political crises, neo-fascism, and genetic modification in the world of sports.

Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft am Karlsplatz
28/6 – 19/7 2019
Free admission!

Open-air cinema, daily 9 pm