Diana Barbosa Gil. The best Idea ever (2021)

1/4 2022 6 pm

Performance as part of the exhibition Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021 followed by a talk with Jojo Gronostay and curator Anne Faucheret.

The admission is free, please register in advance: besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at

No grasp of reality, of the sentence types preferred.
Everything breaks down to pieces, in contention for a monumental moment.
The poetic speaker says nothing at all.
Avant-gardists mix a palette and cast a shadow on the world.
Guarding the garden of reference for use when the time comes.

Diana Barbosa Gil, born 1990 in Cali, Colombia, concentrates the approaches and prostheses from her 2021 diploma thesis The best Idea ever in a poetic manifestation. After all, the avant-garde of European modernism already used art to “present” their ideologically motivated programs in the exhibition space.

If you have children or problems with nudity, please look away for a second! There is a brief moment where the artist exposes her large left bosom.

Please come only if you feel like talking about what you have seen afterwards. There will be no academic foot-in-your-mouth traps that you can never get out of.

Jojo Gronostay, born 1987 in Hamburg, questions the mechanisms of overproduction and profusion, globalization and circulation, exploitation and the logic of valorization—including in the art world. At the same time, he harnesses these mechanisms to cast deserted places, objects of informal labor, or unnoticed gestures in a new light: his works transmute traces of the capitalist disaster into tokens of a poetic resistance.