Dreaming Out Loud

27/3 2021 3 pm — 6 pm

In this workshop we will talk about dreams as a way to develop narratives. By sharing them in our circle, we investigate the different aspects of their personal and collective meanings.

How do we dream? What does it mean to voice our dreams? What potentials are opened up by sharing them? And what traces do dreams leave on us? Together, we will invoke the power of dreams by creatively visualizing the entangled fiction(s) and truth(s) in them – no matter if they were ones of the past or a utopian future.

For the practical part of the workshop, please prepare all kinds of pencils and papers available in your home: (colored) pencils, pens, watercolors, wax crayons, any sorts of paper, scissors, etc.

Hosted by: Abiona Esther Ojo und Huda Takriti

Languages: English and German
Limited number of participants: max. 8

Please register until March 26 at rsvp@kunsthallewien.at by including the subject line “Registration for Dreaming Out Loud”. Upon registration, please also let us know in one or two sentences what sparked your interest to the workshop and why you would like to participate.

This workshop is part of Esther Abiona Ojo’s and Huda Takriti’s exhibition Weaving Truths, Untangling Fictions, which is currently on view at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz.





Abiona Esther Ojo & Huda Takriti in conversation with Joanna Warsza