Election Day

15/10 2017 2 pm — 5 pm

Introductions followed by an open discussion

The Finissage of How To Live Together – an exhibition dealing with the social conditions of living together – coincides with the national elections in Austria.

On this occasion, Kunsthalle Wien invites political scientist Ulrike Guerot, sociologist Kenan Güngör and human rights activist Anetta Kahane to discuss the current social situation in Europe and the developments of the past months. The experts will debate the future of democracy, political representation, recognition as basis and precondition for social cohesion, and the development of a sense of belonging in the current socio-political premises.

Ulrike Guerot (*1964 in Grevenbroich, Germany) is a political scientist and journalist. She is head of the department for European policy and the study of democracy at the Danube University Krems and founded the European Democracy Lab, Berlin. For her commitment to European integration she was awarded the L’Orde pour le Mérite, of the French Republic in 2003.

Kenan Güngör (*1969 in Tunceli, Turkey) is a sociologist and political consultant. He is head of think.difference an office for society, organization and development in Vienna. Güngör works as a consultant and international expert on migration and integration issues and has worked as a strategic advisor for governmental and non-governmental organizations (the City of Vienna a.o.) for many years.

Anetta Kahane (*1954 in East-Berlin) ist a journalist and human rights activist. In 1998 she founded the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Berlin, which is working to strengthen democratic civic society against racism. She is an expert on questions of right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism. In 2002 she was awarded the Moses-Mendelsohn-Preis for her commitment to a just civil society.

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​Finissage How To Live Together

Sat 14/10 2017
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Sun 15/10 2017
11:30 am: Film-Brunch Parko& Guided Tour
2 – 5 pm: Election Day. Discussion
3 pm: Dynamics of Economy and Politics. Guided Tour