Exhibition opening Darker, Lighter, Puffy, Flat

29/11 2023 7 pm

Starting at 7 pm, you are welcome to join the opening of the exhibition Darker, Lighter, Puffy, Flat at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier.

Welcome by What, How & for Whom / WHW (Artistic Directors Kunsthalle Wien) and introduction by curator Laura Amann. Many artists will be present.

Afterward, we celebrate with the Hamburg-based collective Queereeoké. For 10 years it has been causing a furore at Kampnagel and is coming to Vienna for the exhibition opening. Queereeoké is not just karaoke but spontaneous choreography, provocative performance, subversive humour and overcoming the binary between audience and performers – a queer practice that touches people on a deep level. Care work in the best sense. Let’s get the party started!

Free admission.

As part of the opening, you will have the opportunity to register as a stem cell donor. All you need is an ID and a bit of time. More info here: https://participate.roteskreuz.at/stammzellen/

The group exhibition Darker, Lighter, Puffy, Flat will feature works, including several new commissions, by international artists who reflect on the manifold meanings of breasts, not only in art history but in society and culture at large. The works inhabit a space of tensions created by the many contradictory – sometimes hypocritical – but also sensual and playful views on breasts.

Artists: Nina Beier • Misleidys Castillo Pedroso • Lucia Dovičáková • VALIE EXPORT • Bruno Gironcoli • Elisa Giardina Papa • Andrea Éva Györi • Trulee Hall • Monia Ben Hamouda • Šejla Kamerić & Aleksandra Vajd • Maria Lassnig • Claudia Lomoschitz • Tala Madani • Sarah Margnetti • Radha May • Marlie Mul • OMARA Mara Oláh • Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa • Laure Prouvost • Christina Ramberg • Adam Rzepecki • Toni Schmale • Maja Smrekar • Mariya Vasilyeva • Dorottya Vékony • Marianne Vlaschits • Rafał Zajko • …