Felix Leon Westner

30/9 2018 4 pm

Hello Happy performance series, Felix Leon Westner will realize Hello Happy – In The Future in There Is No Place Before Arrival. His reference and point of view is a newspaper photo onthe subject of artificial intelligence. Westner’s performances are socially critical, multimedia collages of word, drawing and beats,using his own voice and a looper, he generates live tracks. In a kind of ‘Stream of Consciousness’, Hello Happy – In The Future will approach thequestion of a happy cohabitation of man and machine.

Felix Leon Westner (* 1983 in Georgsmarienhütte) lives and works in Berlin. He studied sculptureat the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and graduated in 2014 as a master student with Olaf Nicolai. He received a.o. the Bavarian State Prize in 2016. His works and performances have been performed in numerous institutions and galleries such as the SimultanhalleCologne, Thnk Amsterdam, Galeria Pilar Sao Paolo, Thurgau Art Museum, La Rambleta Valencia, SOX Berlin, Kunstraum Niederösterreich and many more.

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket