2/7 2021 2 pm — 5 pm


The first session of our workshop series LET’S BE REALISTIC! focuses on the question what we can and what we want to “do” in and with the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human and how we want to do it together.

Presentation: Andrea Hubin and Melinda Tamás

Andrea Hubin is an art historian, cultural mediator, and staff member of Kunsthalle Wien. Her curiosity and work are defined by the possibilities of opening spaces for conversation in the context of art.

Melinda Tamás is a trainer, translator, author, and teacher in the field of (political) education on the topics of anti-racism, anti-discrimination, sensitive use of language, anti-radicalization, violence prevention, peace and democracy education, as well as intercultural competence and communication. She has developed numerous educational and cultural projects in the field of human rights and gender democracy. She also researches and publishes on topics of social inclusion and exclusion, peace and democracy education, and anti-discrimination. www.melindatamas.com

Please register at besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at
Both participation in the workshop and entrance to the exhibition are free.

Language(s): German (and English, French, Romani, Romanian, Hungarian, … as needed).

Following a suggestion by the Soviet writer Sergei Tretyakov, the workshop series LET’S BE REALISTIC! is an invitation to try out whether and how utopias of social justice can be developed based on joint writing, narration, and discussion of biographies of things. The objects, archival images, and partly fictional artworks shown in the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human provide the starting point for the project. The show tells a special story about the history of the Romani people in real socialism. What does it mean when we include local readings as well as objects and stories of the participants into this visual essay?

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