Fishbowl Talkshow with Mián Mián and Nicolaus Schafhausen

6/11 2015 9 pm

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“Fishbowl” is a method for conducting discussions in large groups. The name is derived from the seating arrangement employed, as it resembles a goldfish bowl, around which the participants are seated in a circle. A small part of the group discusses a topic in the middle of the circle, while the rest of the group observes the discussion from the outer circle. If someone sitting in the outer circle wishes to contribute to the discussion, they are welcome to occupy a “guest seat” in the inner circle and discuss with the others. Shanghai-based author Mián Mián, well known to audiences and state censors alike for her novels on Chinese pop and youth culture, and Nicolaus Schafhausen will moderate and determine the subject of the discussion, which will take place in English.

The Fishbowl Talkshow will take place during the two-day opening of Political Populism

Free admission!