Florian Hecker. Hallucination, Perspective, Synthesis

16/11 2017 7 pm

Opening in presence of the artist

Florian Hecker uses synthetic sounds and the listener’s auditory process to create acoustic spaces of experience. His computer-generated compositions dramatize psychoacoustics as well as objective-physical stimuli and their individual, psychic and physical impacts. Multichannel installations unfold a sculptural presence that shakes the idea of a coherent, continuous world of identifiable coordinates and points of reference. For Hallucination, Perspective, Synthesis, the exhibition space of Kunsthalle Wien transforms into a performative, resonating space and stage for sound events that withdraw from linguistic description and categorization.

Hecker‘s works produce a form of an Immaterial that is – despite its highly structured formal and artificial aspects – perceived and materialized through the very subjective process of experience. The examination of compositional post-war Modernity and audiology meets with considerations of Conceptual Art and Minimalism on viewer involvement and subjectivization of the objective given: on perspective and situation.

Curator:Vanessa Joan Müller