Geert Lovink: Unlike Us

21/5 2013 7:15 pm

Unlike Us is a network of designers, activists, and researchers concerned with critiquing social media. In respect to the private sphere, many think that we should not get stuck in our ‘complaint culture’, and that it would be better to act. But how do we overcome our anxieties about the flood of information? Unlike Us discusses concepts of alternative network architectures. Do we want to lay emphasis on the instrumental character of apps (from ‘doing’ to incitement to revolution)? Or should artists be re-labelled as ‘doers’ who work under the leadership of the ‘creative industries’? Has the time come to stop the stream of Tweets and updates? “Unlike Us” does not want to create the perfect alternative to Facebook, but, inspired by experimental platforms such as Lorea and Diaspora, wishes to inscribe other social relationships into the internet protocol instead.

Lecture in German

Geert Lovink (*1959) ist Medienwissenschaftler und Netzaktivist. Er lebt und arbeitet in Amsterdam. Er ist Autor der Bücher Zero Comments und Networks Without a Cause. Seit 2004 ist er Professor an der School for Communication and Media Design (CMDA) in Amsterdam und Gründungsdirektor des Institute of Network Cultures. Er unterrichtet Mediastudies an der Universität Amsterdam und ist Professor für Medientheorie an der European Graduate School (Saas-Fee).