Gerald Straub: Instant Analysis

25/5 2013 5:15 pm

The terms ‘impossibility’ and ‘inconceivability’ form Gerald Straub’s approach to an immediate analysis of the given facts and circumstances. Extracts – elements of ideas and actions, theories in talks, and lectures – are drawn from the individual elements of the festival and further thought out. ‘Impossibility’ and ‘inconceivability’, serve as frameworks for ongoing further development. This raises the following question: To what extent can concrete performative actions be further developed as the basis of ideas – independently of realistic implementation strategies? What does (un-)thinkable mean? How can concrete performative action function as a platform for a direct form of knowledge production? And what can an immediate reaction (‘instant analysis’), that feeds on inspiration, (im-)possibility and (in-)conceivability achieve? This is an attempt at an unpredictable, associative, and informal knowledge production that produces meaning both spontaneously as well as retrospectively.

Gerald Straub (*1968) is a cultural theorist and artist. He lives and works in Vienna.